The Hotel Emona Aquaeductus is one of Rome's 4-star hotels with winning accommodations, convenient to the capital's leading and most famous archeological sites, monuments and museums.

The hotel is strategically located away from city traffic, at 23 A on Via Statilia, where the impressive arches supporting Nero's aqueduct stand, just 10 minutes from the Basilica of San Giovanni in Laterano and 20 minutes from the Coliseum and Foro Romano.

The Trevi Fountain, Spanish Steps and St. Peter's Square are within easy reach on the A subway line from the nearby Manzoni stop while public buses to the Termini train station, Trastevere and the Vatican stop just 50 meters from the Hotel Emona Aquaeductus. Magnificent churches and important remains from the Imperial era are found in the immediate vicinity.

The imposing Basilica of San Giovanni in Laterano is just a 10-minute walk away from the hotel while the Church of the Holy Cross in Jerusalem is just 5 minutes away and close to Porta Maggiore, where the mysterious underground basilica and original Tomb of Eurysaces are found.

San Giovanni in Laterano Basilica: Rome's oldest church, it is only second in importance and artistic wealth to St. Peter's Basilica. Initiated in 312, it has been renovated, enriched and depleted of architectural and art works until the twentieth century. It is now a magnificent unicum that has preserved its Medieval mosaics and marble decor, Mannerism artwork, Borromini's seventeenth century renovations and Galileo's impressive eighteenth century facade over the decades. The large square in front of the church houses the tallest obelisk in Rome and the Palazzo Laterano, once the summer papal residence and seat of famous councils. The Cloisters, with twin columns and beautiful cosmatesque decorations, are also beautiful.

Church of the Holy Cross in Jerusalem. Ancient site of pilgrimage, it houses the Passion relics. It was build where the palace of Constantine the first's mother, Empress Helena, once stood since it was she who had the holy relics brought to Rome. With an impressive facade, the last Baroque pageantry heralding Neoclassicism, the church is decorated with multicolored marble and stucco and adorned with mosaics and magnificent paintings.

Porta Maggiore. The Porta Maggiore area is an interesting archeological site uncovered between the nineteenth and twentieth centuries by the recent renovations. The 1883 renovations of the Porta, built in 52 AD as the monumental gate for the Prenestina and Labicana roads, uncovered the singular tomb of Eurysace, Roman baker, decorated with elements typical of ancient bakeries. The underground Basilica, with astonishing decorations still intact, whose purpose is still a mystery, is also interesting.

Hotel Emona Aquaeductus
Via Statilia, 23 - 00185 Roma, Italia

How to reach us

:: By car
Take the Grande Raccordo Anulare (GRA), accessible from every highway, to exit 14 Tangenziale Est - Roma Centro. Continue on the Tangenziale Est towards Porta Maggiore - San Giovanni and follow the signs for Porta Maggiore. The Hotel Emona Aquaeductus is 100 meters from the square at nr. 23 in Via Statilia.
:: By train
The hotel is 10 minutes from the Termini train station. Just in front of the station, take bus 105 or tram 14 and 5 to the Piazza di Porta Maggiore stop: the Hotel Emona Aquaeductus is 50 meters from the stop. On the subway, take line A towards Anagnina and get off at the second stop ("Manzoni"). The hotel is just a few feet from the stop.   
:: By plane
The Rome Fiumicino airport is 40 k away and the Rome Ciampino airport about 20 k away. You can catch a train (the Leonardo Express) from Fiumicino to the Termini train station. A shuttle bus (Terravision) to the Termini station runs from Ciampino. From the train station, continue as described in "by train".

The hotel is in a quiet area, safe to walk to at night.  Nozio Traveller review