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Fountains: Rome´s eternal HAPPY HOUR!

Rome is the eternal city, the European metropolis with the biggest open air museum, the city which offers culinary highlight, fashionable vibes and certainly an authentic lifestyle.

But there is more!

Rome has some great insider that will make your stay even more than a tourist´s experience..


In Rome you can find fountains at every corner, on every square, in every park.

There are very famous fountains, like the TREVI FOUNTAIN, which FYI you can visit free!

But there are also the typical NASONI (which means something like "big nose"), which are small fountains where you can get drinking water also for free, so don´t forget to pack your bottle to refill at every corner.

Here is a city map showing most Nasoni, but actualy there are many more so just walk around the next corner and you´ll find one!

But not only the Nasoni fountains provide you with fresh drinking water, also many other fountains that are scattered in Rome, so don´t worry about hot Italian summer days..

You can find some more insights in the clip below!

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